With over 25 years of experience in the tech sector — including stints at both nascent firms and some of the largest international conglomerates in history — Stacy Petrea recognizes that successful product management is all about balancing idealism with realism.

As Intermx’s ambitious-yet-practically-minded head of product, Stacy defines and prioritizes what the development and architecture teams build, making sure the end-result is scalable from the core up. She coordinates the delivery schedule for releases, documenting everything from known issues to evolving product functionality. She also leads client demonstrations and works on future project features while assuring the company meets and exceeds client requirements without overcommitting its resources.

After graduating from Georgia Tech, she joined Evans Technology as a senior project management consultant. She then transitioned to a role as product marketing manager for Navision, a Danish company acquired by Microsoft in 2002. After two years working as a product manager for Microsoft, Stacy embarked upon a 6-year stay at Sage Software, followed by a two and a half-year tenure at AirSage, where she oversaw the product management of the Airsage Technology Platform.