Intermix co-founder Ryan Kinskey heads up business development and operations for the organization. A natural-born traveler, Ryan spent as much time abroad as he did on campus while earning his degree at the University of Georgia. As part of his economics-heavy coursework, he studied in such diverse locales as the United Kingdom, Spain, Morocco, and China.

Those horizon-broadening journeys inspired his holistic, hands-on approach to business. Straight out of college, he cold-called his way up the ladder at media intelligence firm Meltwater, opening a new office in Austin, Texas, and serving as the managing director of Meltwater Press in Atlanta. He then joined Atlanta-based AirSage as a business development director, where he monetized a vertical product in several new markets and segments, including tourism, retail, and the government sector.

The vast disconnect between data providers and consumers inspired Ryan to join Matthew in the founding of Intermx, a startup with a focus on making geolocation-centric data sets actionable, not just for established companies but small-to-medium-sized businesses. Bundling modeling, data science, and productization into an easy-to-manage insight platform, Ryan doesn’t just want to offer another workflow solution — he aspires to truly “democratize” big data.