Firmly believing that big data companies have a social responsibility to improve lives, Maria Stephens enjoys the aspect of her career that makes people’s experiences with the technology they use more enjoyable and more fulfilling. At Intermx, Maria is responsible for designing the product, researching and planning for new features, and analyzing user behavior data to improve the software for both clients and their customers.

Maria honed her UX and analytics skills as the senior data analyst and researcher at Moxie, an Atlanta agency owned by Publicis. She developed innovative solutions for analyzing consumer insights data while working for the organization’s Behavioral Sciences division. She was part of Moxie’s team that received the coveted ECHO International award for excellence in data and analytics in 2016.

Before Moxie, Maria began her software career in product marketing. She transitioned to product planning, design, and development as a UX designer and researcher, which afforded her ample opportunities to dabble in data science. In 2013, she was recognized as a Most Influential Member by the Technology Association of Georgia. The following year, she was awarded the Technology Marketer of the Year award for her data-driven approach to product marketing.