We build flexible data enablement platforms, simplifying the process of making quality decisions from data.

Pragmatic Solutions

Pragmatism is a key tenet in our company. It doesn’t matter how big your data is or how much of it you have if it’s not impacting the decisions your business is making in a positive way. We cut through the barriers, fill in the gaps and add data enablement layers as needed to ensure that our customers are getting the most out of the information they have or they want to have.

Geolocation Expertise

Our technology team has over 20 years of experience in managing, mining and modeling big data and population and geo location centric data sets. We understand how data needs to be cleansed and handled and related in order to be contextualized into a way that makes the most sense for our customers.

Proven Track Record

We have worked with small business brick & mortar retailers to multi-billion dollar industries organizations to help them take the data they have and leverage innovative datasets in new ways to completely disrupt the current method of operations!

People First Mentality

If you haven’t noticed from our website already…whether it’s a focus on customer satisfaction, client solutions or career development for our employees, the only thing that takes priority over the data is the people! All of what we do is to help people have more fulfilling, satisfying easier lives.

The Intermx Story

The Intermx team has worked with some of the earliest stage pioneers in the field of location analytics. These firms were some of the very first in the private sector to have access to what is now common place in the fields of location based marketing and advertising. Ingesting the massive volume of data at the appropriate velocity was a feat in itself for these early leaders. It turns out that a lot of work goes into turning big data into small data. However, the Intermx team realized there was still a gap between the data products and the customer work flows. Closing this gap in an efficient, effective and elegant way is the mission of Intermx.

Meet Some of the Group that Make Intermx Great!

Our team of software developers, transportation engineers, consumer insights analysts, researchers, anthropologists, map enthusiasts, product managers, and geospatial developers come together to create the most innovative software solutions in location analytics today.