The difference between geolocation data and actionable insights.

Geolocation Insights & Action

Ensure your data strategy succeeds. With flexible data enablement platforms, Intermx simplifies the process of making quality decisions from data. Suitable. Visual. Contextual.

Proven track record for delivering geocentric solutions that fit.

Solutions that fit

The Intermx team is passionate about building solutions that help people take advantage of the power of geolocation data. Pragmatism is at the heart of every step we take towards each solution we deliver.

Industries we operate in today.


Travel & Tourism

Gathering good information about visitors to a destination, who they are and where they spend their time has always been a challenge. Data exists today to answer these questions but the insights are not easy to pull from the massive troves of information out there. Intermx helps bridge this gap.


Place-based Advertising is on the verge of explosive growth. Digital screen and sensor based technologies for advertising units represents huge opportunity and huge challenges with respect to making sure location insights are informing the buying and selling of advertising.


Businesses are producing geo-location data at an extraordinary pace. Our expertise is in making sure that the data utility is being fully recognized.